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Beautiful Belladonna

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Belladonna came to us in a heartbreaking state, with a laundry list of medical problems: 

Dehydrated, severely underweight, with a respiratory infection, infected ears, severe dental disease with multiple missing teeth, nails growing into her paw pads, matted with a urine and feces stained coat, historic fractures that never healed properly, and to top it all off, a heart murmur. 

At first, we thought Belladonna was just a kitten - she was the same size as the 8 month kitten she came in with, giving us the impression they were littermates. However, further examination reveals she is an older girl, likely closer to 8 years of age. 

We don't know what Belladonna has been through to be in such poor shape. But we do know we will do everything we can to help her. 

With an extensive list of medical problems comes an extensive list of medications and procedures. Please help Belladonna get the care she so desperately needs so that she can learn that life doesn't have to be so painful. 

Email updates showing Belladonna's progress will be provided to those who donate towards her care. 

Care requirements include ongoing pain management, major dental surgery, and daily care until Belladonna is ready for adoption. 

If the amount raised for Belladonna exceeds her cost of care, funds will help other animals in need.

Please note that when donating to more than one animal, your credit card may be flagged for unusual activity. We recommend waiting a few minutes between transactions to prevent this error. Thank you for your patience!