Help Patchipatch Heal from Ringworm

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Meet Patchipatch, a super adorable guinea pig with a super unappealing problem.

This little cutie pie transferred into our care from another rescue organization that is not set up to care for critters. Upon intake, our veterinarian examined him and noticed hair loss and flakey skin on his hind paws and undercarriage. The doctor took a sample and sent it off to the lab.

Unfortunately, the results came back positive for the dreaded ringworm. Ringworm is a pesky fungal infection that can impact animals and humans alike. It spreads through physical contact, meaning everyone who cares for little Patchipatch is at risk of infection. 

As such, Patchipatch has been started on treatments, including an antifungal medication taken by mouth and special sponge baths in Limer Sulphur. He is also going to live in quarantine for 4-6 weeks until the infection has cleared up!

Ringworm is a particularly annoying condition, both for the infected animal and the human caregivers. Can you help us care for Patchipatch in isolation and keep everybody safe from infection with personal protective equipment?

Email updates showing Patchipatch's progress will be provided to those who donate towards his care. 

Care requirements include quarantine, veterinary exams, lab testing, medications and daily care until Patchipatch is ready for adoption. 

If the amount raised for Patchipatch exceeds his cost of care, funds will help other animals in need.

Please note that when donating to more than one animal, your credit card may be flagged for unusual activity. We recommend waiting a few minutes between transactions to prevent this error. Thank you for your patience!