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At just 6-months-old, this big pup needs a helping paw.

Frankie was found on a rural property with an obvious injury, not using her front right leg. The kind property owner brought her to a veterinarian for help, and her care was transferred to AARCS.

Upon assessment, it was found that sweet young Frankie had a fracture to her radius and ulna in her front right leg. While we don't know what happened to cause Frankie's injury, we know she is in pain, and she desperately needs help.

Frankie has had surgery to repair her leg and is spending her days resting up while she heals! She will require ongoing care from our Veterinary Hospital, including x-rays, pain management and regular bandage changes. Can you give a selfless gift to this homeless pup with a broken leg?

Email updates showing Frankie's progress will be provided to those who donate towards her care. Read Frankie's first email update here!

Care requirements include surgical fracture repair, pain management medications, follow up x-rays and exams, and daily care until Frankie is ready for adoption. 

If the amount raised for Frankie exceeds her cost of care, funds will help other animals in need.

Please note that when donating to more than one animal, your credit card may be flagged for unusual activity. We recommend waiting a few minutes between transactions to prevent this error. Thank you for your patience!