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Care for Cooper

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  1. Dianne Dame
  2. Heather Molyneaux
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We have a sweet little old man who needs a lot of medical attention.

Cooper is an approximately 9-year-old shih tzu with several medical issues needing attention. For starters, he has bladder stones, which will require a surgery called a cystotomy to remove. He is also overweight, and his teeth are awful and painful with grade 4/4 dental disease. He's brachycephalic, meaning his short face makes it harder for him to breathe than the average dog, resulting in a lot of panting and some (admittedly adorable) snorting. This, along with some heart problems, means Cooper will need multiple surgeries to correct all of his health concerns. On top of all of that, Cooper also has a couple of lumps around his neck, early cataracts, poor structure in his legs, and he dribbles a little urine sometimes.

Despite all of these things, he's one charming little man! Can you help us with the stack of medical bills for cutie pie Cooper so this senior dog can live out his golden years in peace and comfort?

Email updates showing Cooper's progress will be provided to those who donate towards his care. 

Care requirements include cystotomy surgery, dental surgery, neuter surgery, post-operative medications, specialty prescription diet for urinary stones, and daily care until Cooper is ready for adoption. 

If the amount raised for Cooper exceeds his cost of care, funds will help other animals in need.

Please note that when donating to more than one animal, your credit card may be flagged for unusual activity. We recommend waiting a few minutes between transactions to prevent this error. Thank you for your patience!